Trash Boy: The Musical

@ 8:00 | Mainstage


About the Show

Every year in the town Fairweather, the citizens purge themselves of filth by ritualistically burning their entire garbage dump. This time, though, doing so happens to unleash Trash Boy, a boy made entirely of garbage! Will Trash Boy seek vengeance on the town’s Mayor, the very man who presided over the destruction of Trash Boy’s home? Or will Trash Boy appease his rage by seducing the Mayor’s daughter, Molly Mayor? Or will Molly’s boyfriend, tough super athlete and son of the town janitor, Jake Janitor, stop Trash Boy’s threat once and for all? Only Jake’s father, Mr. Janitor, the town janitor, can keep the town safe in the face of this threat…unless it’s already too late! Come see Trash Boy! The Musical – featuring ten original songs, and, for one run only, the greatest actor of all time in the part of Trash Boy!

Heartfelt and dirty.

Feeling hungry? Add Dinner at Drew’s!

Add dinner on to your show ticket for $29. Head over to Drew’s on Halsted, just down Belmont, for their special pre fixe menu before or after this show. Offer only valid until 10:30 pm.

The People

Bryan Duff, Writer

Bryan writes, performs, and directs at the Annoyance Theater. He improvises at the Playground Theater, iO Chicago, and with Baby Wants Candy. He’s also performed solo shows at the 2015 and 2014 Chicago Sketchfests. He is also one of the … Continue reading Bryan Duff

Case Blackwell, Director / Writer

Case Blackwell is an actor, comedian and writer from Roanoke, Virginia. A graduate of the University of Virginia, he moved to Chicago in 2010 to get further involved with comedy and improvisation. He has since studied at The Second City, … Continue reading Case Blackwell

Laura Marsh, Choreographer

Laura is a graduate of ComedySportz’s The School and Second City’s Conservatory and Musical Improvisation Conservatory. Chicago choreography credits include Friends: The One Where They Sing, Yippee Ki-Yay Merry Christmas: A Die Hard Musical, The Curse of the Goat and Thanksgiving Circumcision at MCL, Trash Boy: … Continue reading Laura Marsh

Anna Torgerson, Musical Director

Anna has been a music director for improv and sketch in Chicago since 2013. She is a regular MD for iO Theater and Storytown Improv, and plays for independent sketch shows put up at MCL, the Annoyance, and Second City. … Continue reading Anna Torgerson

Cast Members