Time Travel for Petty Revenge

Directed by Elisabeth Del Toro

Monday @ 9:30 | Small Theatre


About the Show

Ever wish you could harness the power of time and space for spite? In Time Travel For Petty Revenge characters travel to the past to prevent middle school bullying, to the future to avoid their ex-boyfriends, and to the Moon to have the best study abroad stories. In her second solo sketch revue, Libby Marshall exposes the uncomfortable reality that people will use unimaginable power for frivolous ends.

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The People

Elisabeth Del Toro, Director

Elisabeth Del Toro is only directing sketch to trick her friends into hanging out with her (it’s working). Elisabeth does comedy around the city with teams/ensembles/groupchats Uncanny, Talking Birds, and RIDE OR DIE. She is a graduate of the University … Continue reading Elisabeth Del Toro

Cast Members