The Power of Prom

Directed by Mick Napier

@ 8:00 | Mainstage

$20, $15 for students

About the Show

“The Power of Prom,” a new and original musical-comedy written by Ed Furman, Pat Reidy, and TJ Shanoff, returns to The Annoyance Theatre. Written as a loving tribute to the 80’s, the show combines elements of the songs, movies, television shows, and pop-culture that epitomized the decade.

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The People

T.J. Shanoff, Writer

T.J. Shanoff (co-writer/lyrics) has served as a writer, director, musical director, host/emcee, and producer for nearly twenty years. T.J.’s recent project, Blank! The Musical (co-creator/director), opened to rave reviews Off-Broadway at New World Stages in NYC. Since 1997, T.J. has … Continue reading T.J. Shanoff

Ed Furman, Writer

Ed is a co-author of the wildly popular “Rod Balgojevich: Superstar”, Lanyard Skynerd, and the cult hit “Rush Limbaugh: The Musical” with Mr. TJ Shanoff He also co-wrote Chicago’s longest running musical “Co-ed Prison Sluts” (Annoyance Theatre) and has written … Continue reading Ed Furman

Pat Reidy, Writer

Pat took classes at the Annoyance. Pat has taught improv at the Annoyance. Pat toured as a member of the Second City Touring Company. Pat is represented by Stewart Talent. Pat wrote a web series called “Personal Injuries”. Pat co-wrote … Continue reading Pat Reidy

Mick Napier, Director

Mick is the founder and Artistic Director of The Annoyance. He came to Chicago in 1987 after studying at Indiana University and with a group of friends, created The Annoyance’s first show Splatter Theater. Following the success of Splatter, Mick … Continue reading Mick Napier

Lisa McQueen, Musical Director

Lisa McQueen, Music Director/Composer. Lisa has been an Ensemble Member/Music Director/Composer at Annoyance Theater for 24 years, where she composed original music for Invisible World, The Raven & The Messenger, President Bush is a Great Man, 40 Whacks, Brunch Punkx, … Continue reading Lisa McQueen

Cast Members

Media & Reviews

Chicago Tribune says:

This loopy, skillful satire of ’80s teen-movie tropes and archetypes at the Annoyance Theatre comes from the writing team of Ed Furman, Pat Reidy and TJ Shanoff, who figured, let’s toss in a bunch of other ’80s references while we’re at it (Tylenol scare, anyone?) and set it to a score of ’80s pop hits retrofitted with new lyrics (Lisa McQueen and Jeff Poindexter are the show’s musical directors).

Chicago Reader says:

The spoofed-to-death 1980s get the satirical treatment yet again in this musical comedy by Ed Furman, Pat Reidy, and TJ Shanoff. The plot concerns the prom-related aspirations of a plucky Molly Ringwald type who attends the sort of high school you find in the films of John Hughes. The student body includes a popular mean girl, a sensitive jock, a horny nerd, and two rebellious punks with an incongruous passion for Reaganomics. The script contains all the expected gags about obsolete technologies, stupid fads, and unflattering fashions; the songs are the era’s pop hits refitted with parody lyrics. Still, the show’s not entirely an exercise in nostalgia, thanks to the authors’ raunchy streak and the spiky performances in Mick Napier’s cheeky staging.