The Meat Improv Live! – Train Tour 2017

@ 9:30 | Mainstage


About the Show

The MEAT Improv Live! – Train Tour 2017
True Stories & Hilarious Improv with Josh Simpson, Jake Jabbour and
Chicago’s Finest Improvisers.

The MEAT Improv is a weekly podcast hosted by comedians Josh Simpson
and Jake Jabbour where comedians tell true, “meaty” stories and then
perform longform improv inspired by these stories. The MEAT has been
going for a little over a year and accumulated over 100,000 listens
around the world. This year Jake and Josh are taking a train from Los
Angeles to the Del Close Marathon in New York City and performing live
shows in 9 different cities along the way. Join us for a live
recording of the podcast with some of the best improvisers in Chicago!

Josh has been performing in LA for a decade and teaching at the UCB
Theater for 5 years. He’s worked for Funny or Die and Team Coco, and
appeared on CONAN, Reno 911! and The UCB Show on Seeso as Kitty Katt
Williams. Josh has an amazing dog named Dre that can do many tricks.

Jake writes and performs at the UCB theatre, and has been an educator
in Los Angeles for the last seven years. Jake co-created and co-hosts
the long running late night talk-show We’re Gross with Gilli Nissim at
the UCB Theatre in Los Angeles. Jake and his cat Lemon were once
featured in a coffee table book about men with cats.

Listen to every episode of The MEAT Improv here: