The Family Robot Presents: Blood, Sweat & Prayers

Directed by Cat McDonnell

@ 9:30 | Small Theatre


About the Show

Thoughts and prayers alone aren’t going to get us through this one, so join us for an hour of 100% cockeyed, certified, bona fide entertainment that’s musical, booze-ical, and millennial blues-ical.

The People

Cat McDonnell, Director

Cat McDonnell grew up in London, England, where her love of theater, rain, and Ribena all began. Upon returning to the States, she earned a BA in Theater Arts & Music Performance from Providence College, RI, and now resides in Chicago, … Continue reading Cat McDonnell

Kimi Arquines, Music Director

Kimi Arquines is a music director and sketch writer/performer who moved from the quaint Chicago suburbs to the city to be closer to all the comedic action. She is so excited to be realizing her dream being like her hero, … Continue reading Kimi Arquines

Cast Members