The Deerfield Inn – A Dark Comedy

Directed by Jillian Mueller

@ 8:00 | Small Theatre


About the Show

A one-act play about two redneck peckerwood best friends trying to do a simple job: drop off a TV with a buyer at the Deerfield Inn. Carmichael has just returned from a stint in prison and Truhl, his eager and excitable best friend, wants to help him get back on his feet.  As they wait it becomes apparent that this is not an ordinary job, and the Deerfield Inn is not an ordinary motel.. Distrust, cabin fever, and their pasts threaten to crush the bond they’ve forged since childhood. This dark comedy explores the gulf that forms between people when communication breaks down.

The People

Jillian Mueller, Director

Jillian E. Mueller is a Chicago-based director, writer, performer, and lyricist. She currently works at The Annoyance Theatre where she is a Resident Director, instructor for AP 1 classes, and performer in the long-running improv show Trigger Happy. She has … Continue reading Jillian Mueller

Griffin Wenzler, Writer

Griffin Wenzler is originally from Nashville, TN, where he played instrumental rock music with Lasermonster. In Chicago he can be seen performing spoken comedy with Trigger Happy at the Annoyance Theatre every Thursday night at 8pm. He wrote and starred in The Starlight Lounge presents: … Continue reading Griffin Wenzler

Violence Design by R&D Choreography (Victor Bayona and Richard Gilbert), Fight Choreography

R&D Choreography is pleased as punch to be working once again with the fabulous folks at Loyola, after having had a blast on She Kills Monsters! Founded in 1997, R&D has designed violence for nearly three hundred productions at dozens … Continue reading Violence Design by R&D Choreography (Victor Bayona and Richard Gilbert)

Cast Members