The Customer is Always Right?

Directed by Portia Turner

Wednesday @ 8:00 | Small Theatre


About the Show

Improv and customer service come together in this show that follows the lives of particularly difficult customers. Real life customer service employees will tell the stories of their worst and most awkward customer interactions and then our improv team, consisting of Shawn Bush, Abi Leveille, Jessie Neal, Julie Schmerbeck, Dylan Shearer, and Portia Turner, will show you how that terribly awkward customer interacts with the rest of the world. Take out your work like stress, learn that you are not alone in the world, and laugh away your own painful customer service experiences with us. We all have had terrible customer service experiences and it is time for them to bring us together. And remember, the customer isn’t always right.

The People

Portia Turner, Director

Portia is a writer and a performer. She trained here at The Annoyance and has performed improv around the city. In addition to comedy, Portia is currently working on writing a couple books and is selling other people’s books in … Continue reading Portia Turner

Cast Members