Teen Cudi Presents: Black Boy Joy

Directed by Aadam Keeley

@ 8:00 | Small Theatre


About the Show

NO SHOW 2/23
Black kids rarely get to have fun. They’re too busy stumbling upon dead bodies in John Singleton films, or being the snarky mentee for single white leads in romantic comedies, or being the one diverse kid in a small town where aliens and supernatural creatures are DOING THE MOST. Teen Cudi (Devin Middleton & Jordan Stafford) are two black boys who just want to be silly and maybe a little thought provoking, but mostly silly because neither of them are sociology professors at this time and definitely aren’t making sociology professor money. It is our sincere hope that you laugh, ponder, and see yourself represented in this sketch revue called Black Boy Joy.

The People

Aadam Keeley, Director

Devin Middleton, Writer

Devin Middleton comes from Fort Wayne, IN and routinely performs in improv and sketch comedy shows around the city. He’s been featured in Stage 773’s Sketch Comedy Festival and Artists’ Lab, The Chicago Podcast Festival, and is also a recipient … Continue reading Devin Middleton

Jordan Stafford, Writer

Jordan Stafford is an actor who comes from the city of Detroit, Michigan. He attended Saginaw Valley State University where he studied Theatre. After graduating he moved to Chicago and began performing around the city.

Cast Members