Super Narcoleptic Girl – Screening

@ 7:30 | Mainstage


About the Show

Super Narcoleptic Girl Screening & Show

Featuring stand up performances by Shannon Noll (Lincoln Lodge, We Still Like You), Sonal Aggarwall (Congrats on Your Success, Colleen) and Kevin Kellam (101WKQK Radio).

The Chicago premiere of Super Narcoleptic Girl, a comedy SAG New Media web series created by comedians Sarah Albritton (Sleeping with Sarah Podcast, Cleveland Comedy Fest) and Catherine “Povs” Povinelli (Edinburgh Fringe Festival). It’s the story of a low-level, narcoleptic superhero with the power to make people dance as she struggles to save the day and stay awake. Albritton has narcolepsy and incorporates real-life experiences into the series.

“Broad City” meets “The Incredibles” as Keelyn Klein and her non-super best friend Lee navigate their day-to-day lives dating, rescuing people and trying to make rent. Discover how being labeled “Super” isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and that fighting crime pales in comparison to battling stereotypes. (total run time: 28 minutes). Short Q&A with creators to follow screening.

The series cast also includes Greg Hollimon (Shrink, Strangers with Candy), Elliot Lerner, James Fisher, Keith Kelley, Maria Knoll Benner, Teddy Feltes, Marissa Chastain, Joe Hirte, Wanjiku Kairu, John T. O’Brien, Robin Margolis and Kristen Lundberg. 

Directed by Larry Ziegelman.


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