Andy & Alosha Present: Super Interesting Stuff!

Directed by Lily Reed

@ 8:00 | Small Theatre


About the Show

CALL THE COPS! Then call your parents, because this type of comedy is illegal, and you haven’t called your momma back for a week now. VH1’s Andy Rowell and Alosha Robinson present: “Super Interesting Stuff!” — a veritable dirty diaper of comedic trust and vaguely admirable shamelessness. Effortlessly weaving elements of sketch, musical comedy, Powerpoint, video, audience interaction, improv, your first real love, and the Iraq War, this dumbass show is great fun for people with ADD or other mental problems. Also kinda nice, everyone involved has the exact same political views as you! So don’t worry.

The People

Lily Reed, Director

Lily Reed is a cornfed, cornbred virgin debutant that stumbled into comedy because everyone thought her midwestern accent was a solo character :( A natural at giving unprompted feedback, she’s elated to finally give Andy & Alosha some notes! Let’s … Continue reading Lily Reed

Cast Members