Summer House

Directed by Lydia House

Sunday @ 8:00 | Small Theatre


About the Show

It’s summer and it’s HOT in Russia! A family vacations in a tiny summer home, called a Dacha. In order to kill time and escape the heat they play short form improv games with each other and entertain their American cousins! Drama ensues and temperatures rise as only one family member can win! With improv from Andel Sudik, Nicholas Polk, Alyssa Simari, Jess DeBacco, and MORE! Live music by Ava Lake. Burlesque by Scully Bones. Russian by Lydia House.

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The People

Lydia House, Director

Lydia moved to the city with one suitcase and a dream: to win back her ex. After that failed spectacularly she took up comedy, interning at The Shithole. She got her first break starring in shows like Splatter and Burlesque … Continue reading Lydia House

Cast Members