Shebeast Presents: Unleash the Beast: A Workshop in Gifting

Shebeast is a badass group of women who do not play by your typical rules of improv. They are loud, headstrong, have little to no filter and focus on outrageous characters and monoscene work. Shebeast will teach you how to trust your gut instincts, play aggressively while still supporting the scene and your fellow players. You will learn the tools to get out of your own way and have some damn fun already!

Shebeast’s approach to gifting  focuses on playing boldly, making firm decisions in scenes and gifting your fellow players rich detail to fill out the world of the scene.

Taught By

Susan Glynn

Susan Glynn is a writer, director, comedian, actor, hair haver, mess maker, and all around goofball. She currently works and resides in Chicago but is always available to be swept off on a whim by an eccentric billionaire who wants … Continue reading Susan Glynn