Sex, Booze and Candy Bars: A Wild Man’s Musical Memoir

@ 7:00 | Mainstage


About the Show

This gifted Chicago improv kid was on his way to fame and fortune. Then something better came along.

It’s the funny and inspiring story of local TV legend Ben Hollis, before and after Wild Chicago (his groundbreaking WTTW hit show): limping through the Sexual Revolution of the 1970s and beyond, being saved at every turn by pop music and his own ridiculously self-centered desires.

“Ben rocked the house,” says Chicago music and theatre luminary Jamie O’Reilly. Don’t miss this high-energy musical revelation of deeply personal comedy and original songs.

Directed by Paul Quinn. Musical support by John Siegle.

Media & Reviews

Chicago Stage Standard says:

“It’s a fine night of entertainment and Sex, Booze and Candy Bars reminds me of Adam Langer’s 2005 novel Crossing California: a perfect dive into a certain kind of Chicago life at a certain time.”

The Chicago Reader says:

“…I felt a bit inspired listening to his story knowing the absurdist, irreverent streak that defined Hollis’s youth is with him today. In a spot with as much young blood as Annoyance, that’s something.”

The Chicago Ambassador says:

“There’s a lot about my growing up and how that influenced me. Music plays a huge role in the show as well. There’s songs that I’ve written and lots of music intertwined in the show, with John Siegle playing guitar. I always wanted to be in showbiz and be famous, but I always wanted to be a rock star too. I think the show demonstrates that it’s possible to reinvent yourself and it’s possible to pay attention to old dreams and go after them. I think it will inspire people to not throw in the towel, that there is more to our stories than we think.”