The Real Housewives of Improv

Directed by Allison Martone

@ 9:30 | Mainstage


About the Show

A “Real Housewives” based, cocktail-infused, improvised comedy show inspired by YOU! Each night, the cast interviews a member of the audience and then improvises the lost episode of that person’s hometown! Blending the structure and themes of the popular reality show with tongue-in-cheek commentary and lighthearted mockery, The Real Housewives of Improv is an undeniable good time!

The People

Allison Martone, Director

Allison Martone is a basic witch and doesn’t care who knows it. Allison loves directing this superbly talented group. After two years of performing around Chicago, she is thrilled that The Real Housewives of Improv finally have the opportunity to … Continue reading Allison Martone

Cast Members