Problem Child

Directed by Ethan Burk

@ 9:30 | Small Theatre


About the Show

Problem Child is an experimental Annoyance style sketch show bound to you laugh, gasp, and cheer. Inspired by performance art, and movement theatre, this ensemble has created a dark-humored sketch revue like no other. So follow us as we take you on a bizarre journey through the absurd.

Directed by Ethan Burk

Performed by John-Tom Knight, Meg Collins, Ben Tancredi, Teddy Gates, Shannon Baucus, Andrew Perez, and Jake Prizant

The People

Ethan Burk, Director

Ethan Burk is a graduate of the comedy writing and performance major at Columbia College. There Ethan started sketch club, and then later helped form the annoyance college night. This is Ethan’s second time performing in slatter. He is incredibly … Continue reading Ethan Burk

Cast Members