Physical Improvisation: Go out of your mind! w/ Mary Cait Walthall

Tap into the natural playfulness of your body. In this class, you will learn to shut up your mind so you can simply play. We will cover:
  • Stage Presence – Get comfortable in the discomfort of simply BEing on stage.
  • Physical Characters – Be more interesting while thinking less.
  • Physically Responsive Scenes – Create dynamic, unpredictable relationships on stage.
  • Stage Picture – Make your scenes and group work look and feel ALIVE.

Need a payment plan?  Choose Payment Plan when signing up!   The second payment (1/2 the cost of the class) will be auto-debited from the card you use on April 8th.  It’s that simple!

Taught By

Mary Cait Walthall

Mary Cait Walthall is a writer, director, and performer in Chicago. She has studied clowning with Dean Evans, Avner Eisenberg, Paola Coletto, and the late Julie Goell. She is a graduate of the London International School of Performing Arts, where … Continue reading Mary Cait Walthall