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Personal Storytelling with Dave Maher

We’re going to take stories from your life and put them on stage. This 6-week class will be as simple and difficult as that. We will:
  • Ask questions about the elements and limits of autobiographical work,
  • Explore what makes a storytelling performance compelling and entertaining,
  • Turn that exploration into practical guidelines we can use in our storytelling,
  • Generate tons of ideas for our stories,
  • Pre-write with outlines, vomit drafts, story buckets, and other concepts with names that repulse or intrigue you,
  • Strengthen our stories with exercises that heighten them and make them more vivid and efficient, and
  • Find ways to perform our stories on stage that honor their content and who we are as storytellers.
There will be a heavy focus on in-class writing and storytelling exercises. There will also be some homework. Since there will be a lot of individual feedback, the class will naturally adapt to each student, whatever your experience level. We will focus a bit more on writing and crafting our stories than on performing them, so some performance experience will be helpful, but none is required.
This class is great for people who want to improve their public speaking skills or explore a creative hobby, improvisers and actors looking to try how it feels to be yourself on stage, and experienced storytellers who want to hone specific elements of their craft.
A show at the end of the term will allow students to share their work with friends, family, and peers.
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Dave Maher

Dave Maher has appeared on “This American Life” and in the pages of the Chicago Reader and Chicago Tribune. His one-man show, Dave Maher Coma Show, has appeared at the Edinburgh Fringe. He teaches storytelling and creative process classes at the Annoyance. Gapers … Continue reading Dave Maher

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