My Cosmic Blowout

Directed by Wolfgang Stein

@ 8:00 | Small Theatre


About the Show


“My Cosmic Blowout” is Analisha Santini’s solo exploration of ADD,
bisexuality and her love for quirky characters. This immersive comedy will leave you covered in confetti and make you think when was the last time I went to Fresno?! Fresno peppers are great. OH MY GOD I need a taco ahora, wow I know Spanish?! LA CUCARACHA!!

The People

Wolfgang Stein, Director

Wolfgang Stein is thrilled to be working with The Annoyance. His Annoyance credits include Fire & Beer: Annoyance House Ensemble, It’s Christmas Goddamnit, The Wolfgang Stein Show, Oprah! A Comedy!, Lady Balls, Reality Recap Reunion, Film Sküle and several Triple Features … Continue reading Wolfgang Stein

Cast Members

Media & Reviews

Chicago Reader says:

“Santini is not only wildly talented but able to use the wildness in her talent to canny effect.”