Monster Club

Directed by Chris Hanley

@ 8:00 | Small Theatre


About the Show


This all new play tells the story of Mary Shelley, a 5th Grader who is Spooky, Weird, Creative, and Smart. Mary being Mary has gotten herself in trouble and has landed in detention. Alone and bored she creates her own new group of best friends… MONSTERS!!!! AND THESE MONSTERS MIGHT JUST BE PUPPETS!!! THIS HALLOWEEN SEASON COME HANG WITH MARY AND HER MONSTER FRIENDS AS THEY LEARN THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH HAVING CLAWS, A TAIL OR A THIRD EYE AS LONG AS YOU’RE BEING YOURSELF!!!

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Add dinner on to your show ticket for $29. Head over to Drew’s on Halsted, just down Belmont, for their special pre fixe menu before or after this show. Offer only valid until 10:30 pm. (select “Dinner Package” at checkout)

The People

Chris Hanley, Director

Chris loves monsters, Halloween, Dogs, Hot Dogs and making funny things happen.

Cast Members