Messing with Messing: A Master Class

Ever wanted to dive into the mind of Improv royalty Susan Messing?  Well now is your chance!  An expert on growing pains (good news is you’re growing and bad news is it’s painful) and FIDS (Frustrated Improviser Disease… Syndrome) this two hour workshop Susan will discuss improv and answer questions from the audience.  Throughout the night Susan may create new improv exercises on the spot or share past ones to address the issues you bring to the table.  She’s been in the improv trenches since 1986 so there is a lot to talk about.  This is your chance to rummage around the twisted uncensored mind of Messing. Nothing is off limits. We can’t think of a better way to spend our time!

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Susan Messing

Susan Messing, a NJ native and graduate of Northwestern University’s Theatre School, has been an improviser and comedian for over thirty years.  She is an alumna of the iO Theatre, Second City’s Mainstage, and a founding member of Chicago’s infamous … Continue reading Susan Messing