Writing the Annoyance Way

Get writing, right away, focusing on developing fun, interesting characters and exploring how those characters interact in relationship with other characters in different contexts. Writing becomes an act of improvisation, not something that needs to be mulled over and plotted out. Students will develop quality writing habits using Annoyance-based improvisational guidelines. Everything that works in creating a successful improvised scene can be applied to writing. They will also be lightly introduced to collaboration, writing for the stage, and revising written work. Great for people without any writing experience and for those looking to deepen their existing writing skills from an Annoyance point-of-view.

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Joe Janes

Joe Janes is an Emmy award winning writer who has taught comedy writing at Columbia College, The Second City, and through his own workshop. He  has written, produced and directed many comedy shows in Chicago with his company Robot vs. … Continue reading Joe Janes