I Know What You Sang Last Summer

@ 9:10 | Mainstage


About the Show

We know, we know. You’re tired of how unrealistic horror movies are. I would never say that. I would run way faster and I definitely wouldn’t trip over the grass. I would never follow the strange noise down the stairs and into the furnace! If I was in this horror movie, I would sing.

So join the cast of I Know What You Sang Last Summer as they bring a dose of realism and music to the horror movie genre. Each week, after selecting one of four sub-genres (Slasher, Creature, Demon or Zombie) and receiving an audience suggestion for the title, the cast will fully improvise a 60 minute musical horror film with a quick intermission where you can buy a drink and tell yourself it’s all just pretend.

The People

Bryan Duff, Director

Bryan writes, performs, and directs at the Annoyance Theater. He improvises at the Playground Theater, iO Chicago, and with Baby Wants Candy. He’s also performed solo shows at the 2015 and 2014 Chicago Sketchfests. He is also one of the … Continue reading Bryan Duff

Brad Kemp, Musical Director

Brad Kemp currently works in Chicago as a composer and producer by day and music director and teacher by night.  He has composed original music for numerous shows including “The Room: The Musical” [pH Productions], “Tapped” [Theatre Wit], “Tribulation” [Chicago … Continue reading Brad Kemp

Cast Members