Huggable Riot: Majority Minority

Directed by Danny Bischoff

@ 8:00 | Mainstage

10 in Advance/ $12 Day of

About the Show

NO SHOW 9/19

Majority Minority sets out to celebrate anyone who identifies as
“other” while lampooning the ludicrous things white people get away with and to prove that brown people
just know how to cook out better. This show, seemingly ripped from today’s ludicrous headlines, takes
you to bizarre places including the secret lair of a cake boss who only bakes for the LGBTQ community
and invites you to witness the inanity of situations like the crooked town hall meeting of a small Indiana

The People

Danny Bischoff, Director

Danny Bischoff is thrilled to be working with Reilly and Shelby and had a blast in Seattle! Danny can also be seen directing groups like Legends in the Game, Supper Club and the Garden Boys around town. He is a … Continue reading Danny Bischoff

Tony Belsito, Musical Director

Tony Belsito is a musician and multi-instrumentalist from northern Minnesota. His band Good Authority has performed music all around Chicago, including House of Blues, Township, and The Second City. His email is and he loves to check it every day.

Jessica Thomas, Stage Manager

Jessica (also referred to as JT) is truly humbled to play the part of resident Stage Manager for Huggable Riot. She is going into her third year of working with Huggable and couldn’t be happier! A native of Maryland, JT … Continue reading Jessica Thomas

Cast Members