Directed by Stephanie Vicek

Friday @ 10:00 | Mainstage

$20, $15 for students

About the Show

From the  “Best Improv Troupe in Chicago: 2016”
– Chicago Reader

It starts with an audience suggestion then the players create a full length thriller in the style of Alfred Hitchcock. There could be murder, car chases, gun play, beautiful women, exciting music and drinks…plenty of drinks. Since this is high class crime, the stage is complete with a wet bar and the actors will be forced to partake as the plot develops. By the end of the show, you might not be able to stand the suspense and the actors might not be able to stand at all.

The show will also feature live music and a few parlor games so the audience may join in on the “refreshments.”

Hitch*Cocktails has been running off and on in the city of Chicago since 2012.

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Feeling hungry? Add Dinner at Drew's!

Add dinner on to your show ticket for $29. Head over to Drew’s on Halsted, just down Belmont, for their special pre fixe menu before or after this show. Offer only valid until 10:30 pm.
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The People

Stephanie Vicek, Director

Cast Members

Media & Reviews

Chicago Tribune says:

Annoyance offers a drinking game with pretty stellar results in “Hitch-Cocktails,” a late-night Friday offering directed by Stephanie McCullough Vlcek. The premise is that the cast will enact a full-length improvised Hitchcockian thriller while drinking copious amounts of booze. The rule is that, if offered a drink in a scene, a performer must accept and finish by the end of the scene. A member of the audience is invited to taste test from the onstage pitchers of “brown” and “clear” to make sure no watered-down shenanigans are afoot. The audience is also invited to play along following take-a-drink rules posted in the theater. Those on tap include “someone makes a pun,” “a woman screams,” and “a gunshot.” On the night I attended, the kickoff audience suggestion for an uncommon fear was “toenail clippings.” This led into a convoluted story about a 1960 beauty salon in Louisiana, whose owners, played as guileless damsels-in-distress by Brit Belsheim and Mel Evans, were roped into a money-laundering scheme investigated by Caleb George’s underachieving private eye. Rather than deliberately aping characters and scenarios from Hitchcock thrillers, Vlcek’s nimble cast dove into the narrative with stylized aplomb, tying in earlier nuggets of information and leaving no MacGuffin unturned. When the largest portion of a drink ended up on his shirt, C.J. Tuor as the cowboy-hatted and Euclidean-geometry-spouting rival detective declared, “I take a lot of night classes, but drinkin’ ain’t one of ’em.” But the focus and commitment in the “Hitch-Cocktails” cast suggest that this crew could pass any bar exam and still deliver the sly and high-spirited goods.

Chicago Reader says:

the show was executed with the expertise of a group of old pros. “

NewCity says:

“Playing a drinking game is fun for everyone, especially in The Annoyance’s nice new space on Belmont, and this cast works well together delivering laughs”

The Chicago Reader says:

“It’s good, wholesome, liver-debilitating fun.”


Chicago Reader says:

“Best sketch/improv troupe of 2016”