Haunted House

Directed by Parker Callahan

@ 8:00 | Small Theatre


About the Show

Down, down, down into a spooky cave at the bottom of a lake is a Haunted House! Inside this creepy cave many terrifying (and not so terrifying) characters pass their time haunting the audience and being haunted! Written and performed by Lydia House (Dream House). Directed by Parker Callahan (Prime Day) and featuring an entirely original score performed live by Ava Lake (Spotify, YouTube).

The People

Parker Callahan, Director

Parker, the nation’s most elegant homo, is a performer and musician originally hailing from Massachusetts. He is honored to perform at the Annoyance Theater and would like to thank the entire Annoyance staff for creating fantastic opportunities for comedians in … Continue reading Parker Callahan

Ava Lake, Composer

Ava Lake is a singer and music producer from Chicago. She’s focused her energies on making catchy pop tunes and bringing high energy performances to her audiences. She’s collaborated musically on shows Dream House and Haunted House at The Annoyance. … Continue reading Ava Lake

Cast Members