Hanks/Hill Gruesome Twosome

Directed by Jessica Lauren Scott

@ 9:30 | Small Theatre


About the Show

Previews 10/8

Hanks Hill: Gruesome Twosome is a high energy sketch show that rips you out of the current terrifying reality and throws you into a somehow even more terrifying reality: A man deals with his brother in law transforming his tool shed into something quite ghastly, an unemployed Freddy Krueger shares what keeps him up nights & one man learns a truth about the White House straight out of Fright Night! All of this & more wrapped together by two foul fiends raised with very lax rules regarding MPAA ratings, Trey Hanks & Keegan Hill.


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The People

Jessica Lauren Scott, Director

Jess Scott has a cat, a degree in Theatre, and a job as a Research Analyst. This “woman in tech” has both directed and bartended here at The Annoyance. Find her weekly with The Annoyance house ensemble Fire and Beer. … Continue reading Jessica Lauren Scott

Cast Members