Guitar for Performers

For all the actors, improvisers, and comics who want to be able to play and write their own songs, this class will give them the tools to do just that.  Rather than learning to play the instrument note by note through tedious theory, we throw the student right into playing their guitar, teaching them how to play effectively and quickly.  At the end of the 8 week course, the student will know enough about the guitar to cover hundreds of songs, and will also write, sing and perform an original piece, as well as learn the necessary language that will make collaboration with other musicians possible.  The class culminates in a  final showcase.

***Students are required to provide their own guitar.

Need a payment plan?  Choose Payment Plan when signing up!   The second payment (1/2 the cost of the class) will be auto-debited from the card you use on Sept 9th.  It’s that simple!

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If you are signing up for AP3-AP5 please list last Annoyance class you took and the teacher. If you are entering AP2 without having completed the AP1 Prerequisite, please list previous outside experience. If signing up for AP1, please list your favorite fish noise.

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This information will be shared with teaching staff and administrators

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Joe McDaniel

Joe McDaniel (Director) is a person of a certain age who spent his time somewhere doing various things and is here now. He has previously directed Huggable Riot’s first musical revue, Panic! at the Honky Tonk and appeared in the … Continue reading Joe McDaniel