Directed by Ryan Asher

@ 9:30 | Small Theatre


About the Show

FREAK is a solo show exploring the emotional freak inside us all. What is it like to dismiss your wants and desires? This show forces us to examine loneliness, fear of settling, and self hate through the eyes of LeeAnne, a small town woman that had big dreams. What is her secret? What is her freak? Come along on this vulnerable solo show. Written and performed by Elizabeth Andrews and Directed by Second City Mainstage’s Ryan Asher. Come see FREAK and ask yourself “what is your freak?”

The People

Ryan Asher, Director

Ryan received her BFA in theatre performance at Virginia Commonwealth University, where she learned how to “breathe through her butthole” and “move as if she were made of jello”. After making the move to Chicago in 2010 she has been … Continue reading Ryan Asher

Cast Members