Double Feature: The Mole / It’s a Match

@ 10:30 | Mainstage


About the Show

The Annoyance presents a Double Feature of two hilarious shows: “The Mole” and “It’s a Match”

THE MOLE: When watching reruns of early 2000 competition reality shows, you might find yourself wondering, “How could this possibly get any better?” Well we found the answer and it’s improv! The Mole, inspired by the show of the same name, is the improv show where the more it gets ruined, the better it is. Created and hosted by the beautiful and overwhelming impressive Sophia Birks, this show is an interactive game of sabotage and intrigue. Each week a new group of highly trained improv agents will come together to entertain you but wait, there’s a spy in their midst! A double agent working for another team, sent to ruin this show! Everyone must work together to uncover The Mole’s identity, recover the stolen briefcase full of highly classified comedy secrets, and make you laugh while they do it.  Help us stop The Mole and save comedy!


“It’s a Match!” is an improv show that follows Lureena as she does an improv set with a person she has never met before, but matched with on tinder.

“It’s a Match!” debuted in 2015 for the Providence Improv Guild’s Battle For Your Bacon. It has since been performed in the Providence Improv Festival and many other theatre’s throughout Rhode Island. Now, “It’s a Match!” can be found in the Windy City and has taken on many stages and is very honored to get to play at the Annoyance theatre.