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Double Feature: The Mole/DANKS

@ 9:30 | Mainstage


About the Show

The Annoyance Double Feature is back with a vengence! This time the Double Feature includes amazing improv (The Mole) AND amazing sketch (DANKS).

Oh no! There’s a mole in our midst! Each week a new set of improvisers try their best to get through a set while one of them uses bad improv to covertly sabotage the show and steal comedy’s most classified secrets! Can the team figure out their identity and stop the Mole? In this show of sabotage and intrigue, the more it gets ruined the better it is!

This summer, the Annoyance Theatre has something hot for you. Masterminded by Sarah Magnuson, William Woods, Alyssa Simari, and Ryan Kappmeyer, these producers wanted to bring together a cast of performers of all levels to bring forth a brand new sketch show each week with a different overarching theme. The idea is to throw away the conventional sketch model of over rehearsed and performed scenes, and allow for fresh energy for the cast and audience guaranteed to provide a prolific sketch show experience.

fake yeezys