Double Feature: Big Boy / Jon Matteson: A Solo Show by Jon Matteson​

Directed by Chris KervickCase Blackwell

@ 7:30 | Small Theatre


About the Show

An exhibition of masculinity thru Drag King performance, BIG BOY​ remixes the gender-binary thru music, camp and boob-binding in an original sketch revue. Celebrate the local stable boy, hang with that weird uncle with a penchant for pearling and affinity for ABBA, and finally find out where the fuck Richard Simmons has been hiding! NOTE: This show has minor nudity and major privates.

Jon Matteson: A Solo Show by Jon Matteson​ is a comedy with such intellectual heft, the mere viewing of it will force your brain to split open and give birth to the greek goddess Athena. Plumbing the emotional depths of a sea of pain, Jon Matteson has salvaged such treasures as a “A Dad,” “A Guy at a Bar,” and “Jon with a British Accent.” Bursting with humor, effort, and words, come see a show my girlfriend calls… “Sorry, I work Sunday nights,” and I call “Funnier than Mr. Deeds.”

The People

Chris Kervick, Director

Chris Kervick currently produces the LGBTQ variety show Baby Wine and directs the short form improv group Nuggets. He has appeared at the Annoyance in CoEd Prison Sluts, Ponyboy, and Steamwerkz the Musical. He recently directed the Annoyance Christmas Pageant, … Continue reading Chris Kervick

Case Blackwell, Director

I’m like a soccer dad to a minivan full of sociopaths. Case Blackwell is an actor, comedian and writer from Roanoke, Virginia. A graduate of the University of Virginia, he moved to Chicago in 2010 to get further involved with … Continue reading Case Blackwell

Cast Members