Delicate Decay

Directed by Jillian Mueller

@ 8:00 | Small Theatre


About the Show

You are cordially invited to Delicate Decay, a solo sketch show from the mystifying mind of Libby Marshall. Enter a world where a man lives beneath your floorboards while your taxidermy gossips behind your back. A world where filth runs rampant and fake plants pray for true death. But be warned, as you journey into this surreal dimension of secret pies and sentient candles, you might not be able to leave. And you might not want to.

The People

Jillian Mueller, Director

Jillian E. Mueller is a Chicago-based director, writer, performer, and lyricist. She currently works at The Annoyance Theatre where she is a Resident Director, instructor for AP 1 classes, and performer in the long-running improv show Trigger Happy. She has … Continue reading Jillian Mueller

Cast Members