Dave Maher Coma Show

Directed by Dan Shar

@ 8:00 | Mainstage


About the Show

After being in a month-long diabetic coma, during which he was almost taken off life support and subsequently eulogized on Facebook, Dave Maher woke up to find himself like Tom Sawyer at his own internet funeral. “Dave Maher Coma Show” is the comedian’s story of what happened and how, plus all the jokes and questions it spawned: What’s the grossest part of coming out of a coma? What’s the best way to flirt with nurses in physical rehab? What now?

The People

Dan Shar, Director

Daniel Shar co-created the web series projects “WEIRD COPCEPT ALBUM” and “We Have To Move.” His solo shows have played at various festivals and venues throughout the country including Comedy Central Stage, SF Sketchfest, SOLOCOM NYC, St. Lou Fringe, and … Continue reading Dan Shar

Cast Members