Cold Shoulder: An American Cryo Story

Directed by Duke Harbison

@ 8:00 | Mainstage


About the Show

On an indeterminate day in the 2020s, a man created a machine that allows humans to cool themselves to below freezing temperature in order to slow down the mitosis process of their cells, extending their lifespan. Some will use this in vain to attempt a faux-immortality, others will preserve the dying until proper medical procedures are available. All we know for sure is that this supposed life-extending process must have been flawed, as recent evidence of bones that underwent cryostasis are undeniable.

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The People

Duke Harbison, Director

Came to The Annoyance in 2011 by way of Louisiana. Likes fishing, chess and cooking. Has worked on countless Annoyance productions, large naval cargo vessels and Second City’s 102nd mainstage review, “Depraved New World”.

Max Laskey, Associate Director

Max Laskey grew up in Shaker Heights, Ohio, and moved to Chicago because he just couldn’t get enough of the Midwest. He is currently a long term intern at The Annoyance and is enrolled at Columbia College of Chicago. His recent performance … Continue reading Max Laskey

Cast Members