Clowning 3-Day Workshop w/ Mike Funt of The Clown School

The clown is a natural part of everyone’s life, but one that has often been overlooked or pushed down. Mike Funt’s Clown Intensive allows your clown to burst out of you, to give license to your spontaneous, fearless, and playful self. We explore performance methods that are ancient and modern at once. We pay tribute to everything from indigenous clown rituals to the commedia dell’arte to the great era of the silent film comedians to the clown’s modern-day renaissance on stage, in film, and at the circus. The clown is an iconic figure, and it lives inside your body: silly, profound, and eternally mischievous.

Let go of your fears. Have some fun. Come and play with us.

Students will:

  • Work through improvisational exercises that focus on the connection with the audience as well as deep emotional connectivity;
  • Work through exercises in which students have time to prepare work in groups and be critiqued;
  • Learn about the history of various forms of clown as well as the ubiquity of the clown figure in modern performance;
  • Experience our unique classes, which have been designed to inspire actors, performers, improvisers, comics, and anyone who dares to let go and go deep!
  • Perform exercises and improvisations are carefully constructed to build skills and techniques that are applicable to many differing performance venues and disciplines, including stage, on-camera, comedy, improv, circus – and of course, life;
  • Receive individual attention and targeted challenges from a world expert in the art form;
  • Engage in classes that are disciplined, rigorous, and great fun.

The Clown School offers the highest quality of clown training to actors, performers, comedians, and participants from all walks of life, including doctors, teachers, healers, film-makers, and students. We’ve won widespread acclaim for our classes, described as “truly spectacular and unforgettable” in the LA Stage Times and “unbelievable – the best work I’ve ever seen” by comedian June Diane Raphael.

The schedule of the 3- day workshop is as follows:

Friday 7-10pm, Saturday and Sunday 10am-4pm


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Taught By

Mike Funt

Mike Funt is the Artistic Director of the internationally-touring, multi award-winning clown troupe Four Clowns. Additionally, Funt travels the world leading workshops in clown, mask, and circus arts, and has taught workshops in China, India, Japan, and all over the … Continue reading Mike Funt