Blame It On Our A.D.D.

@ 8:00 | Small Theatre


About the Show

Blame it On Our A.D.D. is a variety show hosted by Elias Rios Sundays in May 5/5-5/19 at Annoyance! This show is looking to highlight performers with A.D.D. and their experiences! Bits don’t have to be related ADD/ADHD– but the more the better!


Jess Debacco (storytelling)
Becca Reegs (Presentation)
G Gordon Libido (Dance)
Raza Jafri (stand up)
Ditto Jones (Presentation)*

MAY 12
Ellen Wesley (stand up)
Nicky Martin**
Amy Nico Schwartz (stand up)
Chris Hanley(storytelling)
Erika Hakmiller (music sketch)

MAY 19
Jon Yelton (storytelling)
Kayla Moulton (sketch)
Lia Cundiff (standup)
Ariana Freeman (Standup)
Will Stagg (standup)