Becoming Shakira & Pale in Comparison

Directed by Elisabeth Del Toro

@ 9:30 | Small Theatre


About the Show

Two unique & hilarious one woman shows about racial identity from the comedic minds of Tawny Safieddine and Alyssa Rivera.

“Becoming Shakira”: Representation is important. What happens when the only person in media closest to your multicultural heritage is none other than Shakira? We find out as Tawny Safieddine embarks on her journey of Becoming Shakira.

“Pale In Comparison”: Alyssa Rivera has been confusingly pale her whole life. She delves into pop culture, feminism and her pale exterior through sketch comedy all while attempting to learn Spanish.

The People

Elisabeth Del Toro, Director

Elisabeth Del Toro is only directing sketch to trick her friends into hanging out with her (it’s working). Elisabeth does comedy around the city with teams/ensembles/groupchats Uncanny, Talking Birds, and RIDE OR DIE. She is a graduate of the University … Continue reading Elisabeth Del Toro

Cast Members