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AP5: Putting it All on Stage: Wednesday

The focus in AP5 is the creation of an original show by the ensemble.  Exercises are tailored to help the improviser discover and strengthen their individual comedic voice and also on the “hows” of bringing this voice into an ensemble.  The class also will delve into the rehearsal process and work with the concepts of ensemble building, collaboration, show pacing, and good rehearsal habits.

Each AP5 class will culminate in a four-week run at the Annoyance Theatre: Mondays 4/15-5/13 @ 8:30pm.

Need a payment plan? Choose Payment Plan when signing up! The second payment (1/2 the cost of the class) will be auto-debited from the card you use on April 8th. It’s that simple!

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If you are signing up for AP3-AP5 please list last Annoyance class you took and the teacher. If you are entering AP2 without having completed the AP1 Prerequisite, please list previous outside experience. If signing up for AP1, please list your favorite fish noise.

This information will be shared with teaching staff and administrators

This information will be shared with teaching staff and administrators

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Kayce Alltop

Kayce Alltop feels extremely lucky to be on stage at the brand new Annoyance! After finishing the Annoyance training program she performed in many productions at the Uptown space including a three season run of Salem! the Musical. If she’s … Continue reading Kayce Alltop

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