The Annoyance Holiday Variety Hour

@ 9:30 | Mainstage


About the Show

Oh there’s no place like The Annoyance for the holidays. Come celebrate, commiserate, and copulate with performers from some of your favorite Annoyance shows. We’ll share our favorite holiday songs and stories and maybe even show off some of that exciting sketch or improv comedy you’re always explaining to your aunt with whom you have less and less in common with each passing year. Merry Christmas, everybody!

The People

Heidi Joosten, Musical Director

Heidi Joosten is an active musical unicorn in Chicago – working as an improv and cabaret pianist, music director, voice and piano instructor, multi-genre composer, church musician, and harpist. When she’s not in a rehearsal room, you can find her … Continue reading Heidi Joosten

Cast Members