An Actor Prepares: New Year, New Me

Directed by Parker Callahan

@ 8:00 | Small Theatre


About the Show

George Elrod prepares for the greatest role of his life… playing himself. A solo show featuring Chicago comedian, George Elrod, as he performers original characters that are as much a part of him as he is a part of them – because he is them… performing those characters…. brilliant.

A solo show that asks the question, “What is Theater?”

George is a 2018 Bob Curry Fellow, performer of Second City’s revue Let’s Make it Perfectly Queer, and improviser in Annoyance’s Trigger Happy, and iO Chicago’s Comet.

Directed by Parker Callahan.

This show has a preview December 10th, and opens January 7th.

The People

Parker Callahan, Director

Parker, the nation’s most elegant homo, is a performer and musician originally hailing from Massachusetts. He is honored to perform at the Annoyance Theater and would like to thank the entire Annoyance staff for creating fantastic opportunities for comedians in … Continue reading Parker Callahan

Cast Members