Sheep’s on the Lamb

It’s not Beastiality, It’s you and me-stiailty. Wool Smith Sr – Jordan Williams Wool Smith Jr – John “Wes” Hughes Caesar – Kenny Riffe Mary – Kelly Steik Bo Peep – Carolyn Blake Sophisticated Pig – Erin Schend Baab Marley/Stage … Continue reading Sheep’s on the Lamb

John Loos’ SNL Showcase

John Loos’ SNL Showcase is part Moby Dick, part Apocalypse Now, part tragic Sondheim musical. It not only functions as a formal audition for Lorne Michaels, but explores why the Saturday Night Live dream has such a strangle-hold on Chicago … Continue reading John Loos’ SNL Showcase

Sacred Cow

Different Annoyance people will show up for an exciting night of on the spot improv.

Cartoon Sex Book

Cartoon Sex Book will tell you everything you need to know. Don’t you worry your pretty little head about it. It’s Pat Reidy, Adam Peacock, Beth Melewski, Asher Perlman and Kevin Sciretta and they’ll improvise whatever you need.

Chuckle F*ckers

Improv, sketch, music, stand-up, and everything in between. Come be entertained by Annoyance Groups that preform new original and experimental material! New acts every four weeks. Hosted by: Otto Akin

Upstairs at the Annoyance

A weekly show curated by Alex Honnet and Caitlin Stephen

3 of a Kind

“3 of a Kind” displays the unique view points of three independent teams from Chicago. Each week Jerk Store and Voodoo will host, joined by a guest team who will do a three week run along side them. Every show … Continue reading 3 of a Kind

Action Cops

An improvised buddy cop know..on a stage.


Being 13 sucks, especially when the boys at your school sing songs about how fugly you are, you’re too fat to play basketball any more, and you become a woman while working at the church rectory. Hideous is a one … Continue reading Hideous

Trigger Happy

The show consists of a series of unrelated scenes that are inspired by a single suggestion from the audience. During the show the cast share an invisible language that will trigger certain events, as if by magic.

Seriously Unprepared

Jeff Murdoch and Jo Scott are Seriously Unprepared, a two-person improv group that focuses on creating fun, fast and thoughtful improv. Also, poo poo pee pee. Each week a new improv team, made up of Annoyance students/graduates will open for … Continue reading Seriously Unprepared

Soap Box Derby King

In 1973, a 13 year old kid shocked the world by cheating at America’s most wholesome and innocent pastime, the All American Soap Box Derby. Soap Box Derby King is a raucous, vibrant musical comedy that follows the stories of … Continue reading Soap Box Derby King

Sand featuring Tim Joyce

Building on their grounded scene and character work, Sand presents three different programs across 8 weeks. Each performance will be accompanied by musician Tim Joyce. 8/20, 8/27, 9/3: Sand expands their signature improv form into a two act presentation – … Continue reading Sand featuring Tim Joyce


Fishbowl hosted by Sight Unseen features a rotating selection of independent groups to open the show. Then, Annoyance Students will get a chance to enter their ID’s into a fishbowl. 5 students selected will perform in an improv jam with … Continue reading Fishbowl


It starts with an audience suggestion then the players create a full length thriller in the style of Alfred Hitchcock. There could be murder, car chases, gun play, beautiful women, exciting music and drinks…plenty of drinks. Since this is high … Continue reading Hitch*Cocktails

The Holy Fuck Comedy Hour

See a collage of character studies, scenes, songs and maybe even some audience interaction, all written in a week by some of Chicago’s most accomplished comedians. The “Holy Fuck Comedy Hour” is a curated hour of eclectic, comedic material written … Continue reading The Holy Fuck Comedy Hour

The Power of Prom

“The Power of Prom,” a new and original musical-comedy written by Ed Furman, Pat Reidy, and TJ Shanoff, will premiere at The Annoyance Theatre this spring. Written as a loving tribute to the 80’s, the show combines elements of the … Continue reading The Power of Prom

Annoyance Open Mic

The Annoyance’s only Open Mic Night! Come and try your hand at some standup or solo performance or simply just come to watch! Hosted by Lilly Allison and Eric Oren. Sign up beings at 9pm.

Splatter Theater

A parody of Friday the 13th-type movies, the characters in “Splatter Theatre” include such archetypes as the nun, the school jock, the virgin, the class dick, and of course the bumbling old man. Laugh and watch them all die in … Continue reading Splatter Theater

Annoyance Film Night

The “Annoyance Film Night” will feature different monthly screenings of independent films.

Dan & Kate’s Book Club

Dan Jackson and Kate Yeagle are two bibliophiles who have read every book known to man. Join them in their study as they faithfully reenact your favorite literary masterpiece while tactfully avoiding any underlying personality clashes they might have. Different … Continue reading Dan & Kate’s Book Club

It Came From Kentucky

On the 60th anniversary of the Kelly-Hopkinsville alien encounter, the Annoyance Theater revisits the events of that night in the new show “It Came from Kentucky.” An original musical inspired by actual events set in 1955 Hopkinsville, Kentucky, Billie Ray … Continue reading It Came From Kentucky

My Two Sons

My Two Sons is an original play that follows two teenage boys, Danny and Max, as they navigate the threats and thrills of high school. Propelled by their parents’ refreshingly practical advice, the disturbing influence of their incendiary friend Viktor, … Continue reading My Two Sons

Triple Feature

Triple Feature presents three completely original one act plays or musicals. This round of Triple Feature Presents: Hellen Directed by Otto Akin Megan and her Boyfriend were about to go to sleep. Then Hellen decided to do her Talk Show … Continue reading Triple Feature

Splatter Theater

A parody of Friday the 13th-type movies, the characters in “Splatter Theatre” include such archetypes as the nun, the school jock, the virgin, the class dick, and of course the bumbling old man. Laugh and watch them all die in … Continue reading Splatter Theater