SHEBEAST is the loudest, nastiest, sexiest group of he-women you’ve ever seen. They stomp through life making jokes and taking names. You a down right DIRTY DOG? Then this show is for you. The ladies get in your face, and … Continue reading SHEBEAST

The Power of Prom

“The Power of Prom,” a new and original musical-comedy written by Ed Furman, Pat Reidy, and TJ Shanoff, returns to The Annoyance Theatre. Written as a loving tribute to the 80’s, the show combines elements of the songs, movies, television … Continue reading The Power of Prom

CIF Dramatic Improv

This special show as part of the Chicago Improv Festival. You can find more info on the festival HERE. 5/7 Antes & Finn Gifford & Grush Mason & Holly 5/6 Grown Ups Explodio Rodeo Fack Buddies


SPECIAL PERFORMANCE FOR CIF 5/7! It starts with an audience suggestion then the players create a full length thriller in the style of Alfred Hitchcock. There could be murder, car chases, gun play, beautiful women, exciting music and drinks…plenty of … Continue reading Hitch*Cocktails

CIF Dramatic Improv

This special show as part of the Chicago Improv Festival. You can find more info on the festival HERE. 5/5 Niki & Britt Bronis & Thornton 5/6 Grown Ups Jax and Beckz Solid Gold Duets

The Holy Fuck Comedy Hour

See a collage of character studies, scenes, songs and maybe even some audience interaction, all written in a week by some of Chicago’s most accomplished comedians. The “Holy Fuck Comedy Hour” is a curated hour of eclectic, comedic material written … Continue reading The Holy Fuck Comedy Hour

Fire and Beer (Annoyance House Ensemble)

SPECIAL CIF PERFORMANCE 5/7 The Annoyance House Ensemble improvises based on an audience suggestion. Feeling hungry? Add Dinner at Drew’s! Add dinner on to your show ticket for $29. Head over to Drew’s on Halsted, just down Belmont, for their … Continue reading Fire and Beer (Annoyance House Ensemble)


SPECIAL CIF PERFORMANCE 5/7 This classic Annoyance show returns for the first time to the new Annoyance with a twist. As the male and female performers improvise, some will disrobe down to their skivvies, and others may offer just a … Continue reading Skinprov

The Power Half-Hour: Beer-Powered Comedy

SPECIAL CIF PERFORMANCE 5/7 Thirty minutes. Thirty sketches. Thirty shots of beer: The Comedy Power (Half) Hour returns! Every week, Cigarette Sandwich is slamming down thirty hot, one-minute sketches, with a shot of beer between each. That’s right, the performers … Continue reading The Power Half-Hour: Beer-Powered Comedy

Blue Island Compatriot

A live radio show in the style of Prairie Home Companion, Blue Island Compatriot provides a snapshot into a struggling show on a shoestring budget. Each week we’ll present songs, sketches, and stories about Chicago, the city we love to … Continue reading Blue Island Compatriot

Sacred Cow

Different Annoyance people will show up for an exciting night of on the spot improv. Feeling hungry? Add Dinner at Drew’s! Add dinner on to your show ticket for $29. Head over to Drew’s on Halsted, just down Belmont, for … Continue reading Sacred Cow

Annoyance Presents Improv: Cartoon Sex Book

Cartoon Sex Book will tell you everything you need to know. Don’t you worry your pretty little head about it. It’s Pat Reidy, Adam Peacock, Beth Melewski, Asher Perlman and Kevin Sciretta and they’ll improvise whatever you need. Feeling hungry? … Continue reading Annoyance Presents Improv: Cartoon Sex Book

The Annoyance College Night

The Annoyance College Night! If you are currently enrolled in a Chicago college or university and have an improv or sketch group, do stand up or performance art, musical or silent comedy, or just want to practice your storytelling skills, … Continue reading The Annoyance College Night


“Boofgall” is a solo sketch comedy show that features a variety of original characters, bizarre and dark viewpoints, and physical comedy. The entire show is scored by live music, mixed as the story progresses, created by Dan Derks and Zach … Continue reading Boofgall

Cockeyed: Just A Little Bit Off

Theater at it’s finest. And weirdest. Humor abounds. Acting that astounds. 6 short plays. Some funny, some dark. None, that take place in a park. A ‘Tarantino’ parody A ‘farcey’ Diner rarity All pretty goofy All very funny Some with … Continue reading Cockeyed: Just A Little Bit Off

Chuckle F*ckers

SPECIAL PERFORMANCE FOR CIF FEATURING CHRIS TREW 5/3 Improv, sketch, music, stand-up, and everything in between. Come be entertained by Annoyance Groups that preform new original and experimental material! New acts every four weeks. Hosted by: TJ Medel Feeling hungry? Add … Continue reading Chuckle F*ckers

That Maxwell Bitch

This show is just for you. Each week is something different. With storytelling, improv, sketch, music and more. You’re #1, and we all know it. Feeling hungry? Add Dinner at Drew’s! Add dinner on to your show ticket for $29. … Continue reading That Maxwell Bitch

Best of Both

Both dance and improv are based in one thing: emotion. The success of both relies on the ability to evoke a feeling, a sense of purpose and connection. Without these things, a dance is just a series of movements and … Continue reading Best of Both

Annoyance Presents Improv: Trigger Happy

The show consists of a series of unrelated scenes that are inspired by a single suggestion from the audience. During the show the cast share an invisible language that will trigger certain events, as if by magic. SPECIAL PERFORMANCE FOR … Continue reading Annoyance Presents Improv: Trigger Happy

Wednesday Night Smallz

“Wednesday Night Smallz” is the variety show that brings Chicago’s best 1-3 person acts to the Annoyance stage! See improv, sketch, stand-up and more prove that smaller really is better. Each show is caped off by the Chicago two-man improv … Continue reading Wednesday Night Smallz

Very Much Forever

Very Much Forever is a solo sketch comedy show by Ben Larrison. It’s a fun, fast-moving show made up of silly, absurd, dark and satirical characters and scenes. We hope you will like it, and that you will laugh lots. … Continue reading Very Much Forever


Fishbowl hosted by Sight Unseen features a rotating selection of independent groups to open the show. Then, Annoyance Students will get a chance to enter their ID’s into a fishbowl. 5 students selected will perform in an improv jam with … Continue reading Fishbowl

Messing with a Friend

Special CIF show 5/5 Messing With a Friend features Susan Messing, and other invited talented and funny improvisors from around Chicago, from iO to Second City to The Annoyance. A collection of self-edited improvised scenes based on a single suggestion. … Continue reading Messing with a Friend

Nate Varrone’s Pontiac Dreams

Nate Varrone’s Pontiac Dreams is a solo sketch comedy show written and performed by Nate Varrone. He is currently an understudy for The Second City National Touring Company. This hour long MASTERPIECE sketch comedy show features HILARIOUS original characters, songs, … Continue reading Nate Varrone’s Pontiac Dreams

Baby Wine

Baby Wine is an all-gay improv supernova with universally relatable scenework from a cast filled with unique points of view. Baby Wine can only be described as a fast-paced mix of complex relationships with manipulated gender roles and pop culture … Continue reading Baby Wine

Shirley Lame in My Solo Show of All Duets

She’s Baaaaaack!! Delusional Diva, Shirley Lame (pronounced la-MAY), returns to The Annoyance Theatre with her hit show, “My Solo Show of All Duets”. This one-hour show will make you laugh till it hurts. You can’t stop her from singing at … Continue reading Shirley Lame in My Solo Show of All Duets

Annoyance Open Mic

The Annoyance’s only Open Mic Night! Come and try your hand at some standup or solo performance or simply just come to watch! Hosted by Lilly Allison. OPEN MIC WILL BE BOOKED BY LOTTERY DRAWING – You may pick up … Continue reading Annoyance Open Mic

Burlesque is More

The Annoyance becomes home to the The Rumble Room, a sexy, rowdy burlesque cabaret hosted by its convivial owner, Nick ‘Crazy Legs’ Velveteen. Seven stimulating ladies offer up hilarious monologues in addition to their sensual dances and group numbers that … Continue reading Burlesque is More

Two Dead Women

SHOW 5/8 CANCELED Two Dead Women is the story of Nettie and Freddie, two cousins from Middlebottom Maine who travel to Chicago to find the love, adventure, and a new identity at the Chicago World’s Fair, but sadly meet their … Continue reading Two Dead Women

Annoyance Film Night

The “Annoyance Film Night” will feature different monthly screenings of independent films curated by “Spectacle.” Join us Sunday, May 1st for a collection of short films for strong femmes. There will be a Q&A with some incredible talent to follow, … Continue reading Annoyance Film Night