Mr. Horn’s Fucked Up Neighborhood

How do you deal with gentrifying mannequins, corrupt garbagemen, and a city government that doesn’t care about anything? Find out by tuning into Mr. Horn’s Fucked Up Neighborhood! Mr. Horn helps to navigate everyday issues that PBS forgot to address. … Continue reading Mr. Horn’s Fucked Up Neighborhood

The Annoyance Christmas Pageant

The Annoyance presents its annual Christmas Pageant, featuring a retelling of two classic holiday stories: A Charlie Brown Christmas and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. The all-new cast takes these classic holiday television specials and gives them a hilarious yet still … Continue reading The Annoyance Christmas Pageant

Hill n’ Bill: A Billary Broadway Musical Karaoke Spectacular

Hillary Rodham Clinton wakes in a cold sweat, shaken to the core by a nightmare – that she never got to be President. How do the presidential hopeful and her husband hash out their differences and get her in peak … Continue reading Hill n’ Bill: A Billary Broadway Musical Karaoke Spectacular

Dave Maher Coma Show

After being in a month-long diabetic coma, during which he was almost taken off life support and subsequently eulogized on Facebook, Dave Maher woke up to find himself like Tom Sawyer at his own internet funeral. “Dave Maher Coma Show” … Continue reading Dave Maher Coma Show


It starts with an audience suggestion then the players create a full length thriller in the style of Alfred Hitchcock. There could be murder, car chases, gun play, beautiful women, exciting music and drinks…plenty of drinks. Since this is high … Continue reading Hitch*Cocktails

The Holy Fuck Comedy Hour

See a collage of character studies, scenes, songs and maybe even some audience interaction, all written in a week by some of Chicago’s most accomplished comedians. The “Holy Fuck Comedy Hour” is a curated hour of eclectic, comedic material written … Continue reading The Holy Fuck Comedy Hour

It’s Christmas, Goddamnit!

This year’s annual Christmas celebration at the James’ home has a macabre twist. Along with the traditional passive-aggressive silences and sniping, Dad has surprising news: he’s been dilly-dallying with the next door neighbor. Now, throw in the accidental murder of … Continue reading It’s Christmas, Goddamnit!

Annoyance Open Mic

The Annoyance’s only Open Mic Night! Come and try your hand at some standup or solo performance or simply just come to watch! Hosted by Lilly Allison and Eric Oren. Sign up beings at 9pm. NO SHOW 10/31

Burlesque is More Presents: Nice N’ Naughty

“Burlesque is More Presents: Nice N’ Naughty” features some of the richest characters a comedic strip club could have this time of year; Christmas-obsessed Jews, Krampus the evil Santa Claus, and insane Nativity Pageant teachers are just a few of … Continue reading Burlesque is More Presents: Nice N’ Naughty


This classic Annoyance show returns for the first time to the new Annoyance with a twist. As the male and female performers improvise, some will disrobe down to their skivvies, and others may offer just a quick peak. As sexy … Continue reading Skinprov


This $2 night cap consists of the improv stylings of Destiny’s Grandchild and UNICORN. Special guests each week!

The Great Annoyance Melodrama and Vaudeville Revue

“A family-friendly farce featuring a fantastic fight for a fir!” The Great Annoyance Melodrama and Vaudeville Holiday Revue presents a seasonal comedy show packed full of talent, excitement and the worst gingerbread cookies in the world. In a theater experience … Continue reading The Great Annoyance Melodrama and Vaudeville Revue

Playing the Victim

We’ve all been a victim at one time or another during our lives. Unfortunately, most of us have also been the victimizer. In this solo sketch comedy show, Mike Marunowski asks the question, “Who’s the real victim here?” by taking … Continue reading Playing the Victim

Sacred Cow

Different Annoyance people will show up for an exciting night of on the spot improv.

Cartoon Sex Book

Cartoon Sex Book will tell you everything you need to know. Don’t you worry your pretty little head about it. It’s Pat Reidy, Adam Peacock, Beth Melewski, Asher Perlman and Kevin Sciretta and they’ll improvise whatever you need.

Buzz Records

Up-and-coming indie band CLVTCH gets their big break when discovered by luminary alt label Buzz Records, and its seductive CEO, Damien Loft. CLVTCH is all in until they discover that the label is a little more exclusive, secretive, and… cult-like … Continue reading Buzz Records

Age Appropriate: Tales of an Adult Skateboarder

Age Appropriate: Tales of an Adult Skateboarder is a solo sketch show that takes you on a wild ride through the world of skateboarding. You’ll meet characters who reflect the sport’s colorful reputation, from a forgotten skateboarding pioneer to wayward … Continue reading Age Appropriate: Tales of an Adult Skateboarder

Nervous Breakdown

Nervous Breakdown is a comedy show at The Annoyance Theater that combines stand up comedy and improv. Stand up comics attempt to perform set lists chosen by the audience and improvisers rejoice! Hosts: Tyson Karrasch and Nick Rouley

Double Monster

The Channing Triplets Travelling Variety Show is set for their last performance in Chicago when something goes horribly wrong. Backstage, before the show, the smartest of the three, Chauncey, is killed by an ancient monster. But as the old adage … Continue reading Double Monster

The Naughty List

Huggable Riot is proud to announce their final sketch revue of the year when The Naughty List : A Holiday Sketch Revue. “The Naughty List”, a warped look at all trials of the holiday season in Chicago, is directed by … Continue reading The Naughty List

Trigger Happy

The show consists of a series of unrelated scenes that are inspired by a single suggestion from the audience. During the show the cast share an invisible language that will trigger certain events, as if by magic.

Improvised Whose Line is it Anyway?

“Improvised Whose Line Is It Anyway?” is a fully scripted one-act play about the day in 2003 when auditions for Whose Line Is It Anyway caused the show to go off the air for 10 years. PREVIEW: 12/2

Ask Your Doctor

Ask Your Doctor is a musical exploring the messed-up world of the pharmaceutical industry. Set in a not-too-distant future where prescription drugs can be marketed as high fashion and recreational, a newly hired sales rep learns that pill companies will … Continue reading Ask Your Doctor

Blaspheme: Zirkus der Sonne

An ethereal, visually stunning show that incorporates the elements of music, movement, the German language, dance, video and – most prominently – sketch comedy – into visual poetry. Go on an adventurous journey like never before with Amy Haeussler and … Continue reading Blaspheme: Zirkus der Sonne


Fishbowl hosted by Sight Unseen features a rotating selection of independent groups to open the show. Then, Annoyance Students will get a chance to enter their ID’s into a fishbowl. 5 students selected will perform in an improv jam with … Continue reading Fishbowl

Messing with a Friend

Messing With a Friend features Susan Messing, and other invited talented and funny improvisors from around Chicago, from iO to Second City to The Annoyance. A collection of self-edited improvised scenes based on a single suggestion. A joyful, uncensored, and … Continue reading Messing with a Friend

House Party, 1923: Obsession

You are cordially invited to “House Party, 1923: Obsession.” Watch as four young lovers battle with infatuation, perception, and desire at a mysterious millionaires house party in 1923. The writers and performers break the fourth wall and welcome the audience … Continue reading House Party, 1923: Obsession

The Annoyance Christmas Pageant: Matinee

The Annoyance presents its annual Christmas Pageant, featuring a retelling of two classic holiday stories: A Charlie Brown Christmas and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. The all-new cast takes these classic holiday television specials and gives them a hilarious yet still … Continue reading The Annoyance Christmas Pageant: Matinee

Triple Feature

Triple Feature presents three completely original one act plays or musicals. This round of Triple Feature Presents: MANuel Enterprises Written by Cameron Davis, Stephanie Seweryn & Nick Shine Directed by Nick Shine A conservative postmaster takes a moral stand against … Continue reading Triple Feature

True Radio

JoeZoShow presents, True Radio, a story of two competing radio personalities that are forced to pair up by the rich and very powerful media conglomerate owner, Mr. Murdoch. Putting their egos aside will be challenging, but to make matters worse, … Continue reading True Radio

Annoyance Film Night

The “Annoyance Film Night” will feature different monthly screenings of independent films. November 1st at 7pm we’ll be showing short content that The Annoyance created for the Independent Film Channel. Both our New York and Chicago locations created scenes and … Continue reading Annoyance Film Night

Pony Boy

It’s the yearly Sauerkraut Festival in Waynesville Ohio – the perfect place for Frankie Blotch to unroll his latest scam: Therapy Ponies. Unwitting women are lured into his questionable therapy, but before he can get their cash…he accidentally starts to … Continue reading Pony Boy

Shirley Lame in My Solo Show of All Duets

She’s Baaaaaack!! Delusional Diva, Shirley Lame (pronounced la-MAY), returns to The Annoyance Theater with her hit show, “My Solo Show of All Duets”. This one-hour show will make you laugh till it hurts. You can’t stop her from singing at … Continue reading Shirley Lame in My Solo Show of All Duets